This website is built for school students who suffer shortage of notes particularly at the time of exams.

How can we help you?

we provide the class notes as well as notes for olympiads such as IOQM, NSEJS, NTSE, AIATS,etc.

Neat notes

The notes are typed in such a manner that it can be easily read and understand by an average student.


The notes are made affordable to all the students.

100+ notes

More than 100 notes are provided every year along with sample papers.

Sample Papers

10 + sample papers for each subject.

Secure transaction

Secure and safe transaction as it is based on Coupon Code.

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Neat and clean notes in digital form available anytime and anywhere to you.

Our Customers

Our customers are mainly students of class IX & X.

Founder & CEO

I am a student currently and want to resolve the issue of shortage/incompletion of class notes in right time. I have resolved to provide notes at very affordable price so that everyone can enjoy the benefit.
Vivekanand Vivek
founder & ceo (notorates)

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